Uploading pupil data with Wonde
Update pupil data automatically

Pupil and class data needs to be uploaded so that your teachers can set and mark assignments for pupils in Testbase MERiT. 

Testbase is now integrated with Wonde, which allows your school MIS (ie SIMS, Arbor, etc) to connect and synchronise directly with Testbase at no charge to your school. 

Wonde is used by many other leading edtech companies to connect and synchronise software with the different MIS providers used by schools. Wonde is installed in over 27,500 schools across the UK.

Having the Wonde connection means that you will not have to manually update Testbase as pupil data changes. For example, when a new pupil arrives, the changes to your MIS will be automatically updated, saving your school administration time. 

Next steps if your school already uses Wonde

Once a Testbase MERiT order is processed, your Wonde administrator will receive an email from Wonde notifying them that there is a new connection ready for them to approve. They can then log into your Wonde Portal and approve the connection, choosing which classes and optional data fields to synchronise.   

A list of the fields that may be used is as follows:

Mandatory: first name, surname, date of birth, UPN, admission number, gender, year group, registration group, teacher name, class name / code, supervisor name.

Optional: ethnicity, eligibility for free school meals, FSM6, home language, looked after, ever looked after, more able, preferred name, pupil premium indicator, SEN status, service children, traveller status.

Once approved, relevant data will now flow safely and securely from your MIS to Testbase.

Next steps if your school does not currently use Wonde

Once a Testbase MERiT order is processed, you will be contacted by the Wonde team with instructions for getting a connection set up.

If you do not have administrative access to your MIS (ie SIMS, Arbor etc) please forward the email from Wonde to the relevant person in your school who does, ie the school business manager, head teacher or IT contact etc.

Can I choose not to use Wonde to synch my data?

It is possible for you to upload pupil data to Testbase without using Wonde, though this is not recommended. A manual data upload requires ongoing management of the data to keep class lists up to date and must be refreshed at the start of each academic year. 

If you do not want to use Wonde to synchronise your data, please contact our support team using the details below.

What should I do if I have further questions?

If you have any questions please contact the Testbase or Wonde Support Teams using the following details:


Email: support@testbase.co.uk 

Phone: 0345 145 1500


Email: support@wonde.com            

Phone: +44 1638 438094